Apple blows it out of the water with Q1 earnings

Apple had their quarterly conference call yesterday, and CEO Tim Cook was more than pleased to announce that in Q1 2012 (which is really Oct 2011–Dec 2011) more than 37 million iPhones and 15 million iPads had been sold. iPhone sales were up 128% from Q1 2010!! These are insane numbers. Apple is now the number one smartphone maker, overtaking Samsung (who by the way they are suing and still using to make iPad screens). It’s an interesting turn of events for Apple.

The Macintosh platform stayed strong, selling 5.2 million units—up a little from Q4, which sold 4.89 million units.

Good job, Apple! Now use some of that $47 billion capitalization and bail out the US economy. Who doesn’t want to see President Siri?

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