Apple, iOS 6, and Autriv

So Apple’s WorldWide Developer Conference was yesterday and Apple announced the coming of their latest iOS. iOS 6 is supposedly a great new redesign, including updates for Siri, Facebook integration, the new Apple Maps and iCloud. We are happy to see Apple making progress on such a great operating system.

iOS 6 does not come without it’s downsides. For example, the original iPad 1 and any iPhone before the 3GS will not be able to update to iOS 6. This is typical for Apple. It was only a year ago when they said that OS X Lion would not run on certain Intel based machines, cutting off so many users who were not yet ready to upgrade. Also, the new Map app that Apple designed, while looking pretty, loses Google’s subway directions. Maybe Apple will enhance it later (one can only hope).

So where does Autriv stand on all of this. We love the progress that Apple is making, and we most definitely will stay on top of all of the new technologies allowing our app to work. This includes incorporating iCloud into SignMyPad so you can sync your documents between your devices. Eventually we will be brining SignMyPad up to iOS 6 standard, unfortunately locking out older iPad users from being able to use the new features, but we will hold off on that as long as we can.

Our primary concern is you, our users. We want to make the best product for you. Tell us what you’d like to see from SignMyPad in the comments below!

  1. David Hacquard Reply


    iOS6 had been released for more than a month now and the SignMyPad app still crashes despite the latest version released yesterday or the day before. When do you guys intend to release a fully iOS6 compatible version of the app? I was thrilled to have an app I can use at work to have my staff sign documents electronically, but now it’s not possible for the past month. An ETA would at least be great otherwise I think I’ll have to drop your app…

    Thank you,

    • Justin Reply

      The app crashing is not because of an incompatiblity with iOS 6 – it’s a bug we have detected around the Dropbox integration. We are sorry you are having problems, but please rest assure we are working hard to fix it.

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