BlackBook Contact Management – why use it?

Why not use it!?!? No seriously, we are here to help you understand the benefits of using BlackBook.

So why use BlackBook for your company wide address book? Here are just some reasons.

  • Easily share contacts with your whole company. From a 2 person office to a 2000 person office BlackBook allows the whole company to see and share contacts
  • Management of contacts is super easy. Contacts in BlackBook can be tagged with multiple categories, keywords, notes and relationships. Categories are shared company wide, and can be created on import. Search by category, or keyword from the contact list. Tag relationships between cards to effortlessly jump from contact to contact.
  • Get your contacts on your iOS device. Using the BlackBook server you can get all your contacts right on your iPhone or iPad. Need to text a contact from BlackBook – just tap the messages icon and type in the contacts name. No need for a separate app.
  • BlackBookServer Management is a cinch. It’s so easy to add users, set permissions, and backup your data. No one likes a corrupt database – so we made BlackBook have one of the most secure database setups there could be.

We will have a new 3-use trial uploaded by the end of the week – but you can purchase BlackBook now for $99/per seat.


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