iPad version of SignMyPad and SignMyPad Pro updated

iPad users of SignMyPad and SignMyPad Pro should check their App Store as within the next 24 hours an update for SignMyPad and SignMyPad Pro will show up.

We are super excited for the new version. Here is the list of items that has changed:
• Folders Management!! You can now move files around from the PDF List. Tap the Edit button in the top bar to move, copy, or rename files.
• Graphical cleanup. The upload and download buttons from the PDF List are now in one button.
• GoogleDocs – you can now download from GoogleDocs
• PDF verification – URLs will be verified on submission, and corrupted PDF’s will be verified when trying to open them.
• Smoother signatures – draw your signature and it will auto-smooth.
• Bugs fixes related to saved signatures. You can now edit the last saved signature in your list.
• Bug fixes related to memory management.

Links to download:
SignMyPad on iTunes
SignMyPad Pro on iTunes

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