SignMyPad Cloud – coming soon

As many of you know, by reading our blog or twitter account we are about to release SignMyPad Cloud.

We wanted to show you some pre-release information about how SignMyPad Cloud can work for you. SignMyPad Cloud is a way for managers to assign PDFs to their users. We use a mechanism called “pushing” to assign the PDFs. You upload PDFs to the SignMyPad Cloud website and assign the PDF to a user. The PDF will then appear on the users device inside their copy of SignMyPad Pro on the iPad (iPhone version of SignMyPad Pro is coming soon). Once the user is done getting a signature on the document, they click ‘Save and Send’ and the document is sent back to the website.

The SignMyPad Cloud User Panel

The SignMyPad Cloud User Panel

On the User panel is where you set User accounts (makes sense right?). The users are the accounts you’ll sign in with from the device. We also allow you to have “Sub-Admins”. Admins and Sub-Admins are users who can log into the site to post and review PDFs.

SignMyPad PDF Panel

SignMyPad PDF Panel

This is showing the initial window when you log into SignMyPad Cloud. This is the PDF Panel where you upload and assign PDFs to users. When a document is signed and saved, an alert shows and you are brought to the Signed PDF List. This is done so you can keep a clean original, in case you need to assign it to multiple people over time, and then you keep a proper signed version of the PDF.

Starting at $10/month for a SignMyPad account, you can easily have your entire company pushing signed documents right to you. Think of the time saved waiting for signed documents to come back to the office! SignMyPad Cloud allows you to get those documents almost instantly, saving time and money.

We are super excited about the launch of SignMyPad Cloud and will be blogging more about when it launches.

If you have any questions about SignMyPad Cloud, please feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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