SignMyPad for Windows is released. Finally!

SignMyPad for Windows icon

Microsoft just approved SignMyPad for Windows. The 3.99 version is now available in the Windows 8 App Store

SignMyPad is built for Windows tablets and touch screens. In our windows versions of both SignMyPad and SignMyPad Pro we have included Microsofts SkyDrive as a cloud option. Easily manage your PDFs from the cloud, download and sign, and then send it back up to the cloud.

We hope everyone’s happy with our first version for Windows, and please leave us comments below with your thoughts.

  1. Darren Steinke Reply

    I just bought your app. I have a 64GB Windows Surface RT running Windows RT 8.1`

    When I got to open a document in SignMyPad (which I downloaded/PAID $20 for in the store) either on my sky drive, or local disk, it just sits there with the red circles going round and round. It doesn’t open the PDF at all. I can click the instructions button, but there is a black screen over half of it so I can hardly read it. I’ve reset my tablet, updated windows etch and nothing works.

    How can I fix this? And if I can’t, how do I get my money back as the only reason I downloaded this program is to digitally sign my time sheets.


    • justin Reply

      Darren we saw your email, and responded to you via email. It has to do with Windows 8.1 having made a lot of changes to the OS. We should be releasing a new version within a week. Thanks.

  2. fabrizio Reply

    I cannot save anything, same situation as Darren. App keeps crashing when saving. want my money back, not an update in a week…. 3 weeks ago and it’s not there yet
    please reply soon

  3. justin Reply

    Fabrizio –

    We got held up with a technical glitch. We know how much everyone wants us to put out a new version, and we need to make sure 100% we fix all the issues users are experiencing. Windows 8.1 changed so much in the OS it really put all of our work into a tizzy. We have a full team working on it and it will be released soon. I promise you that.

    If you are still unhappy, you would need to contact Microsoft to get a refund, as we have no control on any of that. But please believe me when I say we are doing everything we can to get it done as fast as we can.


  4. jason kinney Reply

    I’ve had same issues and been waiting over month or so hopefully it will be soon. Love the program as it works great on android devices so will be glad when the windows version is fixed 🙂

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