Autriv is looking for users to help design #SignMyPad 5

You read that right folks. We want your input on the new version of SignMyPad.

We have already started a complete redesign including the integration of iCloud.

Here are the rules:

  • Leave a comment below with your profession – we want to know what field you are working in!
  • Please don’t be vulgar – we are all professionals here
  • Be honest – we can take it!
  • Be creative – we can’t promise all of your ideas will be incorporated but we want some out of the box thinking

And that’s it!

We look forward to some of your submissions.

  1. Tom Gaynor Reply

    Hi Justin,

    We met at MacTech in NYC a while back. Sorry to hear you were without power for so long.

    I own a small Mac consulting business in NJ and would love to help you out with Sign My Pad.


  2. Philip Newton Reply

    I’m a personal trainer using this app for clients to sign off their sessions.
    It’s all good, although a little clunky in uploading.
    I use Dropbox for main store, but when renaming a file eg for a new client, I can’t upload to Dropbox, only to iPad.
    A folder list of where to save would be useful.
    Also a “Date” option for inputting text.

  3. Simran Bhatia Reply

    I’m an attorney, and use signmypad to have clients sign their Wills/Trusts. I’d love the ability to save multiple signatures on the Android version, since often we need several people to sign the same document, in several spots throughout these very long documents; and saving the signatures would speed up our appointment and save me a lot of time. Otherwise, this app is one of the best things that has happened to our law firm, and I’ve been recommending it to everyone I know!

  4. Chris GAjewski Reply

    I am of Polish, uses Samsung Note2 I use Sign My Pad for notes and instructions for workers.

  5. Al Reply

    I am in Sales and my work requires my customers to sign off on documents with many text and date fields. I would like to add two suggestions:

    1) Have the capability of putting the date in the same font as the text you are utilizing. It would make the documents more uniform.

    2) When you are finished with a document and are ready to save, upon clicking Menu > Save as; please also display the current folders you have created in the PDF List.

    Hope that helps. Looking forward to the new app.

  6. Shelly Peretz Reply

    I need to be able to sign password protected PDFs. At the moment when I open the PDF in other apps I am prompted for my password. In sign my pad on the iPad I only get a blank document.

    • Justin Reply

      This will be included in SignMyPad 5. 🙂

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