• How do I backup my files in SignMyPad for iOS

    Here we made a video for you:
  • Do I have to pay to place Signature?

    Absolutely not! SignMyPad allows you to sign your document as much as you want for free. The app provides you "Save Spaces". to save your signature for quick access. The first Save Space is free, and additional spaces are 99¢.
  • What is Geo-tagging?

    In SignMyPad Pro for iOS, Android and Windows, the app will "Geo Tag" your PDFs. This means when the PDF is saved the date, time and GPS location is saved to the metadata of the PDF. The location is determined by your devices GPS.
  • How do I read the Metadata of a signed PDF

    You can read the Metadata on your computer.
    • On a Mac: Click on the file and from the Finder choose the File menu. Click Get Info. You will see the information under More Info
    • On a PC, open the PDF and from the File menu choose Properties.
  • I bought SignMyPad on one device and I'm now buying a new device - do I need to pay for SignMyPad again?

    This is a bit of a loaded question. Technically speaking you do need to buy a license for each device you want to use SignMyPad on, but the App Store will allow you to download the app as long as you use the same email ID and password.
  • I want to switch platforms, do I need to pay for SignMyPad again?

    In this case, yes you do. Our licenses are held by the appropriate app store (Apples, Google, Microsoft). Those license are non-transferrable. You have to repurchase for each platform you want to us.
  • What is SignMyPad Cloud?

    SignMyPad Cloud is our Active Document Management offering. You can push PDFs to be signed to devices under your control. Receive them back in your personal SignMyPad Cloud Web portal. For more information please see SignMyPad Cloud

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