It’s been a while, but….

It’s well worth it. We realize we haven’t posted here in a while, but we wanted to inform all of our users why.

First we are neck deep in new versions. We are hard at work on SignMyPad 5 for the iPad. We have been rewriting the entire application from the ground up. Very little code was used from the older versions, as we really wanted to maximum the efficiency of the app. We are working on adding some great new features and tools. For example, SignMyPad 5 will now sync via iCloud to your iPhone version of SignMyPad. Work on one device, save it to iCloud and pick it up on your phone! How cool is that!!!

That’s just one of many new things we are working on. We can’t let all the secrets out – but rest assure everyone will be very happy with the new release.

Stay tuned to the blog and our twitter feed to find out more!

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