New feature spotlight for SignMyPad iPad edition – Form Detection

We wanted to spotlight a new feature in the iPad versions of SignMyPad and SignMyPad Pro. In the latest version we have included Acrobat Form detection.

This means if you have a PDF that has pre-established forms you can fill in, SignMyPad (and Pro) will now detect them – making filling in your PDfs that much easier.

To turn on this feature, open a PDF that has forms in it. Under the Tools menu – you will see Detect forms.

form detection

W9 form, forms not yet detected (click to enlarge)

When forms have been detected, the document will look like this:

Same document, now with forms detected (click to enlarge)

You can then tap on the grey areas to pull up the appropriate entry tool. So in our example, the “Name” field would pull up the keyboard, where as the check box will actually fill in a check mark.

We hope everyone is happy with the new version of SignMyPad and SignMyPad Pro. If you have any questions please feel free to contact our support team. Also if you really like SignMyPad, and we hope you do, please leave a good review for us in iTunes. It’s users like you who help support SignMyPad and keep it going. Thanks!

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