Say NO to paper a.k.a Happy Earth Day 2013


Happy Earth Day everyone!

We at Autriv Software Development love Earth Day. Todays the day where you say “NO!” to wasting paper. It was because of Earth Day we thought of SignMyPad – our PDF signature solution for the iOS and Android.

So why should you say “NO!” to paper? Well as of 2011 each of us on average uses 750 pounds of paper a year! That’s a lot of paper. So how do you cut down? Well, email has helped but people still send contracts or documents that need signatures. Using SignMyPad has shown that you can stop wasting so much paper. Most users have replaced the method of printing, signing, scanning, and then throwing away the original print with using SignMyPad. Watch this video to see exactly how SignMyPad can replace this method and how you can save so many trees by not wasting paper:

We certainly love Earth Day, because we love the Earth. We hope you love the Earth like we do. For now it’s the only one we have. 🙂

Have a great earth day everyone!

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