SignMyPad for iOS gets updated, and SignMyPad for Windows gets released!

signmypad logoA lot happened late last friday with SignMyPad.

First, SignMyPad Pro for Windows 8 was released. This release works on both Windows RT and Windows Pro versions. You do need a tablet though to really use it!

Second, SignMyPad for iOS has been updated. Both SignMyPad and SignMyPad Pro have been moved to version 5, and the iPhone version has been updated to 1.3. Included in this update:

  • Full redesign of interface – now with icon or list mode
  • integration
  • Dropbox syncing between versions – you can now sync specific files between the iPhone and iPad versions using Dropbox sync
  • iCloud syncing – you can now sync all your PDFs between iPhone and iPad versions.

Third, we’d really like to thank everyone for their comments, tweets and emails about our last post regarding iCloud. An Apple representative (who shall not be named), contacted us and helped us with the whole process. That person really understood the questions we had and helped get SignMYPad through the review process. So


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