SignMyPad & SignMyPad Pro iPad updates

Both SignMyPad and SignMyPad Pro have been updated for the iPad and are available in the app store. We went on a treacherous bug hunt, and found over 80 bugs! Bugs in this case include a lot of mislabeled alerts, typos, and some functionality issues.

Now we all know the 2 biggest issues were Dropbox syncing, which sometimes made the app crash, and Signatures disappearing. We have fixed both of these issues.

First the Dropbox issue – Dropbox checks it’s link to SignMyPad when the app launches. Users sometimes would unlink SignMyPad from the Dropbox website, and SignMyPad would not launch after that. That issue has been rectified. When SignMyPad opens, if you unlink Dropbox you will be prompted to relink. This keeps the app from crashing. We have also updated the Dropbox api so files that have a “.” in the file name, i.e. Some.File.pdf will show. Before this update it would be hidden.

Second – the Signatures. While we can save your actual signatures, since they are stored on your iPad we have added a “Restore Saved Signatures” button. This button will restore the signature SPOTS. You will still have to resave your signature in the space. This will keep from you being recharged by the iTunes store for the same item.

And for clarification because sometimes the support line still gets questions about this. You do NOT need to pay for signatures. You can place as many signatures on a PDF as you would like. The only thing you are paying extra for is the ability to save signatures for easy retrieval. Hope this clarifies things for everyone.

This will be the last release of SignMyPad 4 and SignMyPad Pro 2. We have put these versions to bed with this update to start working on a brand new look. We have listened to our users and will be implementing a lot of new designs, and features in the next version of SignMyPad and SignMyPad Pro. Look for these new version after the new year.

Wishing everyone a very happy holiday season.


  1. Josh Greil Reply

    I recently purchased a Samsung 12.2 tablet and installed your SignMyPad Pro app. I’m having trouble with the signatures jumping and resizing every time I save the new files. Any fixes for this before I find another program? Thanks

    • justin Reply

      Josh –

      Yes it’s a slight problem on some Samsung devices, we are working on a fix and should have one shortly. I know I keep telling everyone this but it’s true – every Android version is different so it’s a tough bug to crack – should have something in like a week or two TOPS!


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