Updated SignMyPad Instructions Video

Great applications always have great documentation. In todays world that means having a good instruction video. You can find this video by tapping the instructions video inside SignMyPad, but here it is for your viewing pleasure: . Thanks for watching!

How to back up your SignMyPad files on an iPad

Many of you have asked us how to back up the SignMyPad files that are on your iPad. Well, to solve this for you we’ve made a nice little video showing you exactly what to do. If you still need help, feel free to check out our support forum or contact us.

SignMyPad 3.7 new features! Updated instructions video coming soon.

Hey everyone. So SignMyPad 3.7 got released yesterday, and we are hoping that SignMyPad Pro 1.2 gets released today. We are going to be updating the instructional soon to show them off. For those who are used to SignMyPad, you will notice that tapping on the PDF no longer opens...